The Right Way To Read Self Development Books

I’m almost beginning to sound like a broken record when I talk about books. I love to read; it has shaped me in so many ways. It’s no doubt that there are so many books on the market now, and publishing companies keep accepting manuscripts.

If you’re like me, and you find it hard to filter through the many books available, this article is for you. So, let’s find out how to solve this puzzle.

Have an end goal in mind

This is the foremost and most important factor to consider before picking up a book to read. When the year started, I listed out a number of things I wanted to learn. After doing that, I researched to find out popular books written on these topics.

For example, one of the things on the list was financial intelligence. Books by Robert Kiyosaki, Arese Ugwu, etc., were top on the list.

So, have an end goal in mind, then find the books that match your goals.

Read book reviews online

Some people say read books you like, and books you don’t like. For me, this doesn’t work all the time, I might end up frustrated. So, if you’re still learning to fall in love with reading, it’s advisable you read books on subjects you’re interested in.

One way to know the content of a book is to surf the net for book reviews by bloggers, book stores or Amazon. That way, you get to peep a little into the book and avoid wasting your time with a book you’ll drop the next minute.

Join a book club

Book clubs are the best accountability groups for readers. They help you stay motivated and disciplined. Most book clubs suggest book recommendations too. Having someone to discuss a book with makes the process a lot more interesting.

Do a little research

Before you read a book, search Google for a thing or two about the author. It helps to know more about the author of a book you’re about to read. You might be more interested in a book, if you know the face behind the book.

Set a schedule and deadline

Finally, it’s not wise to pick up a book without setting a deadline. Always set a target — could be a daily, or weekly target. School occupies most of my time now, so I read a chapter a day of any extracurricular book. That way, I know when I’m supposed to finish reading any book.

Also, never miss a day twice.

Final thoughts

Reading any book effectively is a skill. Always remember to have an end goal in mind, read book reviews, join book clubs, do a little research about the author, and set deadlines. Knowing exactly what you need to read and when to read it, eliminates bibliophobia.

Most importantly, act on whatever you have read. It makes no sense to complete a book without applying any of the principles in your everyday life.